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Sigurd Olivier and his inner king, King Sigurd.
In Memoriam - Sigurd Olivier & his puppet King Sigurd.

WELCOME to King Sigurd's Magic Mirror Marionette Theatre - a virtual, multimedia, interactive, alternative puppet theatre populated by puppets of various kinds: marionettes, rod puppets, glove puppets, and silhouette puppets. Here follows an overview of all that you will find in King Sigurd's magical world. It's probably more fun to just go surfing through the ocean of delights by clicking on the links in the Magic Mirrors - the ones with the crowns on top - listing the contents of this on-line marionette theatre. The stars are the puppets - hand-carved wooden puppets - and the Magic Mirror and miniature street organ (or barrel organ) which were also carved from wood. The quintessential piece, entitled "Mirrors for the Blind", is a 25-minute film (divided into five segments) about finding your inner king, or queen, or prince or princess for that matter. Attempts are made to get even the world's worst victim, Victimus Ultimus, to discover the royalty in himself, with the aid of the Magic Mirror. All the puppets, led by His Royal Highness King Sigurd, Yin-Yin the Wise Witch and Gall, the king's jester, pitch in to help or, in the case of the bureaucrats, to hinder. Who will triumph? Watch the movie and find out.... (The story-book version of the film can be read in English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish by clicking on the word "Translations" when on the page "Mirrors for the Blind - Part One".) Then there is an interactive adventure novel entitled "Journey to Nowhere" which is reminiscent of Hector Mallot's classic "Sans Famille" and the equally famous "Love of the Seven Dolls" by Paul Gallico. Based on the experiences of the Woodcarver, who performed in 14 European countries with his family of 15 marionettes and puppets, the story ends with the dramatic rescue of the little folk in Gibraltar, after being seized by Spanish customs officials. By clicking on the chain links you will see the beautiful illustrations - many of them animated - that go with the exciting and revealing story, and hear the songs sung by the troupe on their travels. There is also a film scenario of the story which you can visit by clicking on "Journey to Nowhere - film scenario". We are in the early stages of negotiation with a few top film directors.... Very early stages.... Well, to be honest, we've made a list of directors who we think would be able to make a nice job of filming the story.... By now you will have had the drugs and rock 'n roll, so that leaves only the sex. We have plenty of that, which is both bad news and good news: bad news for those wanting smutty stuff, and good news for those wanting poetic sex. You see, in a previous life - so to speak - the Woodcarver was a photographer and published two beautiful books entitled "Gentlewoman" (eulogizing the femininity in women) and "Touch Love", which is a tantric view of the sacrament called sex. Both books of photographs include poetry. "Touch Love" has a foreword by Professor Len Holdstock, written when he was Reader in Neuropsychology at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, before moving to the Free University in Amsterdam. In addition, "Touch Love" has been publicly endorsed by one of the most famous psychologists of the 20th century - and Nobel Peace Prize nominee - the American Carl Rogers. He wrote of the book: "In beautiful photographs and poetic words, this book celebrates the tender and delicate, and the strong and powerful aspects of sexual love. It is an appreciation of the wonder of loving flesh touching loving flesh. It is done with both sensitivity and passion. Those who have been put off by books on sexual techniques, described in almost mechanical fashion, will find here the richly sensuous beauty of our sexual nature. Touch Love makes a significant contribution to our living and loving." You can view a film of the book by clicking on "Touch Love - the movie". In spite of these accolades, the books have had a turbulent history, being hauled up before the judges on nine separate occasions and being subjected to a roller-coaster ride of bannings and unbannings and bannings again... Should you want to hear the full story - including the Apartheid government's ridiculous laws on sex and nudity - you can click on "Love and War". Then there is the "Songbook", containing all the songs sung by the marionettes and other puppets in the various films and stories. The music is in Mp3 format, with all the lyrics included, and beautiful illustrations to boot, some of them animated. Each of the 15 marionettes and puppets has her or his own "theme" song, giving a pretty good picture of who each character is. Here is the full line-up: His Majesty King Sigurd; Victimus Ultimus; Yin-Yin the Wise Witch; Gall the King's Jester; Miss Quote the "telly-babe"; Smother the bureaucrat; Maqina who advances the cause of the African Renaissance; Jean-Phillipe de Chantepie, the froggie with no leggies at all; Case the Wise Hermit; Rank and File, the yes-men; and the four Ministers of Government in the State of Hegemon, The Honourable Flop Flaccid, The Honourable Hal I. Tosis, General Smelly Foot and Dr. Rumble Gut. Under the heading "Shenanigans" you will be able to read bedtime stories, as told to the little folk. One of these is the true story of how the first photographs of a successful heart transplant operation (performed by Professor Chris Barnard) were obtained. Finally, there is a "Links" page of related sites that link to us at Here is the full list of Urls... * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * - View FREE videos of puppetry worldwide. * * * * *