Bedtime stories as told to the little folk.

In those few, all-too-short years when children still place their father on an equal footing with God, mine used to press me at night for stories of my brave and noble deeds, such as they were. And I would oblige with tales like those listed here. Only now I recount them for my family of little folk: my marionettes.


The King of Hearts - the true story of how the very first photographs of a successful heart transplant operation came to be taken.

This page has been removed.


Jakob has his Day in Court - the true story of how a black South African waited 300 years for his revenge.


Here We Go Loopidy-Loop - the true story of flying into another dimension and performing a death-defying loop-the-loop.


Six of the One - a true story involving General Louis Botha, Churchill, Gandhi, my step-grandfather Brigadier-General Manie Botha, a headless chicken and 100 eggs... and Christmas pudding doused in brandy.


In the Name of The Lord, bend... a true story of living under the fist of religious fascism.


Publish and be Damned - by the Apartheid regime, which had a direct line to The Lord.